Our Logo Says a Lot!


In the preliminary sketches for our FITGM logo, we started out with a road leading from the front door of a local church to the world – Out there somewhere! That road curved around to form the horizontal cross bar for the “F” and “G” in our name. But as Janice worked on it, the curved road turned into the Staff of Our Great Shepherd. What a perfect picture to depict what our ministry is all about! The local church, “called out ones” through the Gospel, held together in fellowship with other brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ throughout the world.

But also, that Shepherd’s Crook is what He uses to protect us, to guide us, to discipline us….In fact, to shape us into His disciples. And again, what a beautiful reminder of what we are to be doing as a local church: To send those whom God has called to go out into the world to teach and make disciples of all nations. Some have even seen the word “Go” in our logo…..Can you see it?

A Word of Credit:

Our logo was designed with the help of Andy Heckathorne, a graphics designer that has himself been with us on a short-term mission trip to Haiti. You may find a collection of his work and even contact him for help with your own graphic needs at: www.andyheckathorne.com. Andy also put together the video that you will find posted in our “Albums” section in the Mission Trips category. We very much appreciate all of his help and encouragement over the years in our various “graphics endeavors”. Thank you, Andy!

So….Let us ALL be about our Father’s business, for night is coming – a time when no man can work!  If you would like to become part of a truly helpful and encouraging “Fellowship in the Gospel”, we would love to hear from you!