Pastor Jean Garry Auguste & Lucette

Senior Pastor, Leadership Trainer & Christian Counsellor

Pastor Garry serves as the senior pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Coupon, east of Port-au-Prince on the Double Harvest missionary compound near Croix-des-Bouquets. He also serves as Director of The Bible Institute of Croix des Bouquets. One of his passions is to train pastors and lay leaders for leadership positions in other Haitian churches. In fact, he is currently working with and supporting the church planting efforts of two former staff members. Evangelical Baptist Church – Le Rocher under the leadership of Pastor Jean Gaunick Louis, and Missionary Baptist Church of the Artibonite under Pastor Jean Faude Aurelien. Both of these works are listed below and are ministries served through “Fellowship in the Gospel Ministries”.  It may be interesting for you to know that Pastor Garry is the son-in-law of Pastor Lucien Jean Marie, (Also listed below on this page).

As a couple, Garry and his wife Lucette, young parents themselves, also work with and provide Christian counseling for youth and young families. In fact, Garry learned his basic English by listening to hours of “Focus on the Family” programs, with Dr. James Dobson. The name of their ministry to families in many area churches is called “En Famille”. Garry is also an ardent student and teacher of expository preaching, a style so often lacking in the pulpits in Haiti. Finally, Pastor Garry has a very large youth ministry, dealing with the many needs of a wide range of young people, from children to those in their twenties.

We have known these two for a number of years. In fact, Garry and Lucette met each other at one of our early youth camps. The couple recently moved off the Double Harvest Missionary Compound into their own home, while continuing to serve the church there. This was a large step of faith and so they would definitely appreciate your prayer for the many facets of their life and growing ministry.  We fully recommend Gary and Lucette for your consideration of monthly support to help them meet various needs as they faithfully minister in their Jerusalem.  Please feel free to contact us for any details.

Special Note:  Pastor Garry and Lucette’s En Famille ministry to families has become very popular and grown in demand. This has put them in the difficult position of having to turn down requests and opportunities to minister, due to insufficient funding for these seminars.  If you feel led to due so, please contact Janice and me to help sponsor an En Famille event in Haiti.

Pastor Jean Faude Aurelien & Clercine

Evangelist, Church Planter, & Discipler

Pastor Faude is 39 years old. He and his wife Clercine have a real burden for their home area in The Artibonite Valley in Haiti.  This valley is located north of Port-au-Prince and immediately to the east of the port city of Saint Marc. This area is the primary stronghold of  Voodoo in the country of Haiti. The specific town in that area where they have been working over the years is called Petite-Riviere. The two of them served there throughout the summer of 2013, as Faude started a Bible Study. Through the financial gift of a church in PA, they were able to rent a home for all of 2014 while they worked at planting a church called: Missionary Baptist Church of the Artibonite, which opened its doors in October of that year.

Faude’s general educational background is complete, his theological training solid, and he has already been through an extensive internship proving his worth in many areas of ministry at Double Harvest, an American mission compound near Port-au-Prince.  The only thing prohibiting Faude and Clercine from serving in Petite-Riviere on a permanent basis, are the finances necessary to live independently while they continue working at  Missionary Baptist Church of the Artibonite.

It is, therefore, with full confidence that we recommend this young evangelist and church planter for your support and ask you to prayerfully consider entering into a “Fellowship in the Gospel” with this young couple.  In spite of their many needs and the difficulties of their ministry, they remain very positive and upbeat – a real joy to be around!  Contact us with any questions about Pastor Faude and Clercine, or to learn how you can come alongside them as they work to build this ministry for the Lord in Petite-Riviere.

Special Note:  As of the summer of 2015, Pastor Faude has a very real need to change the meeting place of Missionary Baptist Church of the Artibonite.  So far, they have been using a school building for their services, when the school is not in session. The good news about that, is that it has been rent free. The bad news, however, is that there are a lot of noisy activities right around the school nights and weekends.  This has seriously impacted the church when it comes to an atmosphere conducive to worship or Bible Study. Faude tells us that his attendance has dropped as a result. This has especially been a limiting factor as he tries to expand on worship times and study opportunities for his people, during the week.  Please pray that he can locate some other building, or that God will provide a solution within a reasonable walking distance for the current members.

Pastor Jean Gaunick Louis & Manougka

Church Planter and Senior Pastor

Pastor Gaunick (go NEEK) is the senior pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Le Roche.  He works with Pastor Garry in the area of Croix des Bouquets just east of Port-au-Prince.  Pastor Gaunick has been working hard to see the work in Le Roche, an area under a strong Voodoo influence,  become an established work.  The church does not have its own land, but is worshiping on land rented from a woman in the village.

At first the church was meeting in an old UNICEF tent that was left over after the January 2010 earthquake.  But after that became too tattered and worn, it was removed and the people had to begin gathering in one of the canvas classrooms of a nearby school building.  A mission team, working in cooperation with Pastor Gaunick, were finally able to erect a wooden (plywood) church building with a tin roof in the Fall of 2014 on the adjacent piece of rented land.  Lord willing, the hope is that one day the church can purchase the land where it is now located, or at least arrange a long-term lease assuring this congregation a place of worship for years to come!

Pastor Gaunick and Manougka (mah NOON kah) have been married for 9 years and have faithfully served in local church ministry in various capacities. Pastor Gaunick is especially gifted when it comes to working with the many youth in his church and area – he connects very well with them. In fact, Pastor Gaunick is one of the area leaders in the Haitian branch of the Christian Service Brigade, which instills many positive and godly character traits in young people.  If you are unfamiliar with this organization, please click on the link here to learn more about its origin, structure and purpose.

We recommend this couple for your consideration as partners in ministry, and ask that you pray for them to remain faithful to this work. A church planting ministry, especially under such conditions, often comes with many challenges and disappointments.  Please consider coming alongside this dear pastor and his wife.

Pastor Lucien Jean Marie & Estelle

Senior Pastor & Founder and Director of OAEBH

Pastor Lucien is the senior pastor of Beracha Baptist Church and Director of the OAEBH, a fellowship of churches in Haiti which was co-founded by himself and Pastor Jacsene Orelus. OAEBH stands for “The Organization of Authentic Evangelical Baptists of Haiti”. He has always been concerned over what he would label “So-called Baptists that follow many strange beliefs and practices”.  Hence, his desire to found this mission to preserve important Baptist Distinctives within the country

Pastor Lucien is a dear brother and a very humble man, willing to do whatever it takes to “make things happen” around his church ministry.  The Haitians have a saying, “Little by little the bird makes his nest.” This pastor has had to move Beracha Baptist Church to its third location, now, after the earthquake of 2010, and is in the process of both buying land and hopefully beginning to build a school soon. He loves to farm and so he works hard to raise crops and fruit on the small plot of land to feed his wife and their daughter Doana who is still at home. Lucien is a writer and teacher, as well, writing and producing many Sunday School lessons for the churches of the OAEBH.  Lucien’s wife Estelle is not only a faithful co-worker with her husband, but also a talented seamstress who teaches her vocation to many young ladies in the church and neighborhood. You really should get to know these two! Please pray for them as they not only seek to see Beracha Baptist grow, but also as they lead the entire fellowship of churches of the OAEBH.

Pastor Lucien serves under International Gospel Missions out of Rochester, NY. Any monthly support for Lucien should be directed through that mission agency.

Pastor Leon Joseph & Roseline

Senior Pastor, Church Planter and Regional Overseer

Pastor Leon Joseph is a man who “wears many hats”.  But, as he would tell you, his first responsibility is to be a good husband to Rosaline, and loving father to their two daughters: Lois and Estherlina.  And from all the evidence, he is doing a great job in those two capacities. Since 2002, his primary ministry obligation has been to serve as the senior pastor to The Conservative Baptist Church of Frécyneau, located in St. Marc.  This church is part of a large fellowship of churches of the Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) – the oldest and largest mission within the country of Haiti.

Besides serving as senior pastor, Pastor Leon also serves as the country-wide Secretary of BHM, and the District President of the Lower Artibonite Region.  This Region, made up of a total of 40 churches, is broken down into 3 smaller districts. Pastor Leon serves as superintendent of one of those districts, as an overseer of 13 churches, 10 of which have Christian Schools.  In this capacity, he is in the perfect position to initiate the planting of new churches within the district. It is worth pointing out that none of these duties, positions, or responsibilities taken on by Pastor Leon, have resulted in any extra income for him or his family.

Janice and I got to know Leon back in 2013, through our working relationship with Missionary Chris Lieb, current Director of BHM. Chris recommended Pastor Leon as a man of integrity, and someone through whom FITGM could have a tremendous impact in the country. The more Janice and I get to know Leon personally, the more we agree!  We have already helped to sponsor increasing numbers of the children from his churches in our Summer Youth Program, and helped to train some of his young leaders in our pastor training seminars. As we see him work with so many, we understand why he has gained such a high level of respect and appreciation among Haitian co-workers and American missionaries alike.

Currently, we are seeking individuals and churches that would feel led to help Pastor Leon, by partnering with The Conservative Baptist Church of Frécyneau.  By helping the church, you would be assisting Pastor Leon, and you would be playing a vital part in all that he is doing.  As Leon says, “Let us work together! We all serve the same Lord, and we all seek the advancement of the same Kingdom!”  Would you prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you share in, and support this man’s ministry?

Pastor Fritz Voltaire & Francoise

Senior Pastor & Director of New Life Orphanage

Pastor Fritz Voltaire is quite a man. He is looked up to in Haiti as a leader among pastors. He is not only senior pastor of The Bethel Assembly of Christians Churchbut he also leads a daughter church in the downtown area of Port-au-Prince and provides for two schools. Finally, Pastor Fritz and his wife Francoise oversee New Life Orphanage – an orphanage for over 40 children run out of their expanded home. Fritz has always done an outstanding job of on-going orphan care, until such a time that the young men and women can finally care for themselves and live independent lives. A number of his orphans have grown up to serve in his church and school ministries with him!

Outside of church, Pastor Fritz’s background is in education. He taught Spanish for over 20 years and is now officially retired from the Haitian Public School system. Like most Haitian Pastors, Fritz sees to the care of many people in his area. He is very concerned with their education, general health and well-being. Although his vocational school was unable to function after the earthquake in 2010, this year, through the help of a partnership with an American church, that school continues stronger than ever!

Special Note:  Pastor Fritz has been in the States, living in New Jersey, since 2014. He is trying to work out what has become a longer than expected process to become a U.S. Citizen. Fritz believes this Haiti-U.S. dual citizenship will allow him to better serve as overseer of his multi-faceted ministry in Haiti involving two churches, two schools, and an orphanage. He continues to communicate with and support each of those concerns on an almost daily basis. Please pray for him and Francoise while they patiently work through this process.  

Pastor Fritz Voltaire serves under International Gospel Missions out of Rochester, NY. Any monthly support for Fritz should be directed through that mission agency.

Church of The Victory of Pierre-Payen

Mother Church of 3 Ministries in a Leadership Transition

Church of The Victory of Pierre-Payen is the former church of Pastor Jacsene Orelus whom the Lord called home in November, 2012 (His wife followed him in the Fall of 2014). Pastor Jacsene served under International Gospel Missions out of Rochester, NY. Therefore, although Janice and I continue to work with this ministry in many ways, any monthly support for VBC, a very viable ministry, should be directed through the office of IGM.

For those churches partnering with VBC, it may interest you to know that the man pictured preaching here is Carl Henry Desir. He is a devoted VBC Church Committee member who faithfully serves in many ways around that church. Pictured in the large header pic at the top of this page is a bench full of the young men in training at VBC, with Youth Pastor Stevens Paul seated in the middle wearing the green sweater vest.  Please pray for this ministry while they patiently search for their next pastor. In the meantime, they are being led by the recently elected deacons: Joseph Ulrick, Jean Robenson Nerisse, and Marc Pierre.

Finally, some of those familiar with this ministry also know of one of their daughter churches – Church of The Victory  in Mayard (Pronounced “MY yuh”). Located up the mountain behind Pierre Payen, that church is led by Pastor Milius Belizaire, a dear Brother in Christ. He and his wife have faithfully and sacrificially been serving there for many years. Please pray for this couple, as Mayard is home to 2 voodoo priests – one literally lives next door to the Belizaires. Also, both Milius and his wife suffer from medical problems: Milius has high blood pressure and diabetes, while his wife has a problem with severe joint pain, caused by so many trips up and down that mountain.